The Top 10 most popular types of websites

1. eCommerce website

Ecommerce Website

An E commerce website makes it possible to buy and sell physical goods, services, and digital products over the internet rather than at a physical store location. Through an e-commerce website, a business can process orders, accept payments, manage shipping and logistics, and provide customer service. Drop shipping is oftentimes a feature of an E commerce website

2. Business website

Business Website

A Business website generally establishes one’s brands presence or may be used for professionals in various fields as a go-to, to order items or make appointments. The uses for business websites can be quite diverse, however as the name implies, it is now a general standard that business must have to convey whatever services they offer.

3. Blog Website

Blog Website

Blogs are a place for people to share visual and written content about whatever subject content they desire. One can even make money blogging using affiliate links or working with advertisers. Some popular types of blogs include food blogs, travel blogs and life-style blogs. While blogging began initially as a way for peoples to share their ideas online, MANY businesses now employ blogging as part of their content marketing strategy to acquire leads through organic traffic and social shares.

4. Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website

Creative professionals, such as artists, writers, graphic designers use portfolio websites to consolidate and display their work examples. This way, potential employers can look over to someone’s portfolio to check out their skills and expertise. In these modern times all respectable artists, photographers, and models have a website where they showcase their projects, so having one is a priority.

5. Event Website

Event Website

An event website makes for streamlined/efficient event management, from invites to marketing, and follow-up. Your website is your event’s central command station, being the focal point being the anchor for your event marketing efforts. To reach a wide audience, you can even use your web site as your virtual event location. virtual events reach wide audiences.

6. Personal Website

Personal Website

A Personal Website is a good way to boost your online presence. A personal website promotes your individuality and interests, such as hobbies etc. People also utilize personal websites as a CV website to display who they are and what they have accomplished professionally.

7. Membership Website

Membership Website

A membership website as the name implies is exclusive to its members and requires visitors to sign up and typically pay a fee to receive full access to its tools, services, or resources. You may have a business or nonprofit site where you desire to add a members-only page to access additional content. Doing so may increase revenue streams and build trust and loyalty between your members and increase your website traffic.

8. Non Profit Website

Non-Profit Website

A nonprofit website informs visitors of your organization’s mission, goals, and core values. Be it a school website, church, charity or perhaps an animal rescue site, one must include information about past events, your mission statement, and of course; a donations page.

9. Informational Website

Informational Website

An Informational website acts as a resource to convey information. Examples may include encyclopedias, news outlets or specific subject matter such as car clubs, horse enthusiasts, gardening tips etc. They often include long and informative content to indulge reader curiosity as well as implement search functions, so visitors are able to find what they are looking for.

10. Online Forum

Online Forum Website

An online forum lets one build community around shared interests, and even allows site owners or businesses to earn profits by restricting access to members only. Users can discuss topics, ask questions, compare experiences, and interact with people with similar hobbies, professions, or worldviews.

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